On Being Too Busy to Write

When I woke up this morning I decided to check my blog as per usual and had the shocking realization that I hadn’t written a blog post in more than a week. This realization came with guilt: guilt that I hadn’t been meeting my personal goals because, as I saw it, I had allowed myself to make excuses to avoid writing. They weren’t even fun excuses. This guilt then pulled me into a productivity frenzy where I attempted to write several different posts before realizing that I wasn’t creating anything meaningful. Why? Because my guilt made me want to place productivity over quality. It was then that I finally came to terms with a fact that writers often forget: sometimes, it’s okay to be too busy.

That is not to say it’s okay to get in the habit of making excuses. Telling yourself that you don’t have inspiration, or you don’t have any good ideas, or you have a small audience and they won’t mind if you don’t blog, or anything along those lines are nothing more than excuses to help you avoid risking failure or success. But sometimes life happens, and that’s okay.

This week, I’ve been preparing to head back to college. I’ve been shopping, seeing friends, packing, all that good stuff. Life happened. I wasn’t thinking about my blog, I was thinking about checking things off my list and finding time to sleep. Every once in a while, that’s okay. It’s perfectly valid to forget, to focus on other things for a time. Ultimately, these little breaks, if they are few and far between, won’t stop you from reaching your goals. The real issue you need to consider is whether you are finding time, or making time.

When you’re finding time to write, instead of making it, it’s because you haven’t prioritized your writing or your writing goals. This is a mistake. When you’re making time, however, it’s because you’ve turned writing into a priority, an obligation, something as important to your day as going to work or school. This is how your really meet your goals.

When you’re making time to write, vacation is okay. You don’t have to feel guilty for taking one. Sometimes there will be things that truly are more important that writing in a given moment. But make sure you’re always thinking about the difference between finding and making time. Are you really too busy to write?


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