My Journey Writing a Novel: Part 1

We’re all writers here, in some form or another. And, I’m sure, many of us aspire to be novelists. I see a lot of advice on the internet, a lot of what-to-do and what-not-to-do, but I don’t see a lot of what-I’m-doing. That is, I don’t see a lot of documented struggles that I can relate to. As such, this series is here to fill that void and document my struggles in writing that first book. Without further ado, welcome to my story.

The Beginning

This may seem disheartening, but I began this journey eight years ago. I started with a couple of ideas for characters – Arella and Christian I called them – and a romance idea against the backdrop of an urban fantasy. This did not last. As I opted to spend my time world building, creating new characters, expanding my idea, I found what I had was not a romance, rather a war story.

Let me be frank: I am a young person. When I started this story, I was eleven, nearly twelve. It was awful, but as I didn’t have much in the way of friends of family, it was really all I had. As I matured, so too did the story. My story changed to reflect newfound identities. I had struggled with my gender and sexuality my whole life and only started to realize what it meant in high school. As I got into social justice and activism, my story transformed to reflect that. What I’m saying here is what I have now is completely different from what I started with. And that’s perfectly okay.

Backtracking a bit: by eight grade, I had come up with a prequel of sorts to the story I wasn’t yet a good enough writer to pull off. Within about a year, and a first draft of said prequel, I realized that what I had was not a prequel, but the true opening of the story. With that in mind, and a first draft on hand, I focused my energies on world and character building and practicing writing. This may seem completely ridiculous to some of you, and totally relatable to other, but I spent four years doing this. By the time I was starting college, I finally had an outline of the first couple of books I was happy with. I had developed a writing style I was proud of. Finally, I felt, it was time to really get started.

That’s it for Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2. In the meantime, how does your story begin? Feel free to leave a comment or link me to a blog response! Thanks for reading!


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