My name is JR. I’ve always be bad at directly writing about myself. College essays, cover letters, these ‘about me’ pages – I always found a way around it. I suppose that’s what makes a fiction writer, right? You’ve written whole volumes about yourself without stepping foot on the page. It’s all about mangling the point so completely most people will miss it. Kind of like I’m doing now.

The point: This is a blog for writers, readers, and editors of fiction and nonfiction alike to come other and share in the dweeby pleasures that come along with writing and reading and editing. Here I will offer advice from my years of practice as well as share pieces of community work to be discussed and, perhaps, edited by the community. This is the fun part.

To be clear, I am not writing ‘guru’. I have no secret formula for you. I have years of experience, a ton of ideas, and almost a weird amount of time on my hands. And a sincere love for writing, editing, and sharing in a community.

Thanks for joining!


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